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Are you looking for NDIS funding to buy 보조 기술 products for yourself or a loved one? The classifications and the process can be tricky if you have never used NDIS funds.

We at Lusio Rehab are a certified NDIS provider meaning you can buy our product, 루시오메이트, with NDIS funds. 

Let us take you through these funds and how they can help you buy assisted technology 제품보기.

NDIS assistive technology?

According to WHO, Assistive Technology [AT] is a device or a system that allows an individual to perform a task that they could not have done otherwise or provide ease and safety to do any task.

또한 NDIS [National Disability Insurance Scheme] funds this technology that allows individuals with disabilities to perform tasks to reach their potential at home, in public, at a workplace or anywhere. One thing to keep in mind is that NDIS does not cover and fund items that come under other government services.

There are various requirements set by NDIS for funding AT. Let us discuss them in the following section.

NDIS requirements for releasing funds

Following are the primary requirements set by NDIS for funding AT:

  • The technology, device or system needs to be related to the disability of the individual.
  • It must be worth the money spent.
  • It must help disabled individuals with their goals and ambitions.
  • It must be operative and advantageous for the individual.
  • It must help the individual with their participation in society or at the workplace.
  • It must help the individual maintain their informal support.

경우 low-cost assistive technology NDIS you are interested in follows all these requirements, then you can get it funded with NDIS.

다양한 수준의 assistive technology NDIS

AT can be divided into four different levels depending on the complexity of the device or the technology. The four levels are:

  • Basic assistive tech
  • Standard assistive tech
  • Specialised assistive tech
  • Complex assistive tech

These types are more commonly known as levels 1 – 4, respectively. Let us discuss each of these in detail below:

Basic [level one]

Basic assistive tech denotes technology or devices that are low-cost and low-risk. These usually come from local suppliers such as a pharmacist. The category includes devices under $1,500, and you do not need any assessment or quote for them. You can pretty much use them right out of the box.

This falls under the Consumables category, so you can get them funded with your Core Funding.

다음은 일부입니다 NDIS low-cost assistive technology items that you can buy under this category:

  • iPads and Tablets
  • 스마트 워치
  • 헤드폰
  • Smart-home accessories
  • Our LusioMATE

Standard [level two]

Standard AT is a category that includes products with low-to-mid cost and low-to-mid risk. You can get these devices and technology from a certified assistive technology supplier. This may require a little set-up before use or some minor setting, but these, too, are generally right off the shelf. 

Standard AT helps an individual with their vision, bathing and toileting, sitting, transfers, routine tasks, prosthetics and orthotics.

The following are some of the items that come under this category:

  • Smartphone apps relating to vision
  • Kitchen stools
  • Bed or chair rises
  • Low-cost consumables
  • Adjustable shower chairs
  • Portable ramps
  • 전송 벨트

Specialised [level three]

The next category is specialised, including assistive technology NDIS products with medium risk. These items, too, are bought from a specialised assistive tech store or supplier. These items require an assessment as they usually require some modification or alteration based on the individual's needs. 

Apart from that, you would also need to submit an official quotation to the NDIS and wait for their approval. This quote must include all the charges such as repairs, delivery, set up, maintenance and more.

The specialised category includes the following items:

  • 보청기
  • Non-portable ramps
  • 스쿠터
  • Assistance animals
  • Electronic braille display
  • Pressure mattress
  • Bath lifts
  • Environmental control units
  • Ceiling hosts

Complex [level four]

The last category is level four, complex AT. This type includes NDIS assistive technology products that are tailor-made for an individual. These products are designed to aid individuals with their multifaceted needs. These products are generally integrated with other assistive technology for control, maintenance and such.

You will have to submit an assessment to an Assistive Technology Assessor. Moreover, you will also have to submit an official quotation with all the necessary details that we talked about above and wait for the approval.

The category includes the following items:

  • Bed systems within the wheelchair
  • Cochlear Implant speech processors
  • Specialised software
  • Shower commodes
  • Power wheelchairs with integrated controls
  • Voice prosthesis
  • High-level pressure cushions
  • 경장 영양
  • Structural changes to buildings
  • Myoelectric-controlled prostheses
  • 침대 레일

How do NDIS funds-assisted technology 일하세요?

The following is a breakdown of how it is funded:

  • NDIS low-cost assistive technology 

    • $ 1500에서
    • Does not need any assessment
    • Does not need a quote
  • Mid-cost assistive tech

    • Between $1500 - $15,000
    • An assessment is needed
    • Does not need any quote
  • High-cost assistive tech

    • $ 15,000 위
    • An assessment is needed
    • A quote is needed.


That was all you needed to know about NDIS funding for 보조 기술, its requirements, different levels for the technology, and how the funds are released. 

Lusio Rehab is a certified NDIS provider meaning you can get our product – LusioMATE, with NDIS funding. LusioMATE can completely help you or your loved one in their physical therapy with interactive and fun games. Our product comes under the low-cost assistive technology NDIS and low-risk category, so the funding would be much easier to get.


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